Resin processing costs skyrocketed
    According to a survey report on the status of members of the Japan plastics industry association from April to June 2018,production and sales increased from January to march.On the one hand, the "upturn" in the amount calculation decreased and the "deterioration" increased.The problem of operating "raw materials" was particularly acute, rising by 50.8% to 6.2 percentage points.In order to cover the rising cost of raw materials, one part of them will be transferred to the price of products, thus increasing the sales volume. However, if the price is not transferred, the estimated calculation is also deteriorating.In the questionnaire survey to the members, someone replied: "Polyethylene tends to rise in price from July to September. Now we have to increase the price of our products."On the other hand, There have also been calls for "material, logistics and personnel costs to rise, but it is difficult to determine how prices will reflect".
    The price of crude oil has risen since April and so has the market for refined petroleum products.The standard price for refined petroleum products rose to more than 55,000 yen in the third quarter from 47,900 yen per kilogram in the first quarter of this year.The price of general-purpose resins such as polyethylene is also rising.Japan's largest polyethylene company recently said the price index hit a record high.
    Due to the rising price of raw materials, the price of terminal products such as resin processed products has also increased, and the pressure of price rise is very high, which may lead to hyperinflation.Although big firms are keeping wages steady, small and medium-sized firms' pay, pensions and education fees need to be addressed to sustain rising personal consumption.
    There are also many opinions about the shortage of talent in this survey.In the management problem, the items such as "high personnel cost", "difficult recruitment", "lack of skilled personnel", "insufficient technical ability" and "personnel training" appear quite high.Part-time job offers continue to be difficult, even if they can be hired, work 1-2 months to quit, the cost is growing, recruitment frequency is also adjusting.

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