Why air cooled water chiller has alarm for compressor high pressure?
Q: Why air-cooled water chiller has alarm for compressor high pressure
A: There are two possibilities lead chiller compressor high pressure alarm; 

1, condenser dirty

If the water chiller condenser is dirty, the heat dissipation will be poor, that will leads gas with high pressure in gas loop, and alarm and indication will be showed Compressor Pressure High;

2, Poor ventilation

Installation requirements

For air cooled chiller, the heat generated and transferred by compressor can only be removed by ambient air, so the ventilation is very important. (See picture 1-1, regular installation condition). 

Installation site should be drafty or equipped with air duct. 

If the long duct influence the dissipation effect, a fan motor with same or bigger air volume should be mounted at the outlet of it. When install air duct, please make space for future maintenance.