How to go HERO-TECH factory from Honkong airport?

Q: How to go to HERO-TECH factory from Honkong airport?

A: From Hongkong to our factory, there are several ways to our factory.
1. Steamship to Fuyong Port;----- Fuyong port is very close to our factory, 20 mintes by car;

2. Steamship to Shekou port;  -----Shekou port to our factory needs 1 and a harf hours;

3. Airport to Lowu port or Huanggang Port; -----There are buses or cars from Hongkong Airport to Lowu or Huanggang port, about 1hours, and from these two port to our factory needs 1 hour;

4. Hongkong airport to Shenzhen Airport;----- from Hongkong airport to shenzhen airport, there are airport express, from shenzhen airport to our factory needs 25 minutes;

You can click the map to see where we are.


Air-cooled screw chiller

Water-cooled screw chiller

Air-cooled scroll chiller

Water-cooled scroll chiller

Air-cooled glycol chiller

Water-cooled glycol chiller

A/C (Air-cooled) screw type glycol chiller

W/C (Water-cooled) screw type glycol chiller

Heating and cooling machine

Oil cooling chiller

Mold temperature controller

Cooling tower

Customized chillers

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